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Former broadcasters, Dan and Jaelithe have always been chalk and cheese. Jaelithe’s relaxed, outgoing and eternally optimistic demeanour is well balanced by Dan’s sceptical pessimism and distrust of people in general. Almost 20 years married, you could call them proof positive that opposites attract. Add to those characteristics, Dan’s boundless curiosity and Jaelithe’s uncanny knack for speaking to dead people (yep, not a typo!), and you’ve got the perfect presenters for a podcast about the limitless possibilities of the unexplained.


Talking to dead people is not really a conscious choice. Mediumship is far more something that chooses you. Jaelithe's awareness of her abilities emerged when she was young, but only recently has she truly embraced them. Today she continues to study and refine these gifts, channelling them to provide insights and support for others.


Everyone loves a good mystery. Dan is no different. As a journalist, he sank his teeth into crime stories and tried to get behind the masks of celebrities and politicians. Once he accepted there was no rational explanation for Jaelithe’s gifts, Dan graduated from deep sceptic to born-again inquisitive. Next stop, unlocking the secrets of the universe!


Mediumship & ChanneLling

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UNSOLVED mysteries

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unexplained phenomena

law of attraction

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We believe there is often more to a subject than meets the eye.


We believe honesty and truth-seeking should be at the heart of all discussions.


In a world with very few absolute truths and untruths, keeping an open mind is essential.

Who is it for?

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Do you question ‘the bigger picture’?

Are you someone who looks up at the infinite night sky and starts to feel incredibly small?

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Do you recognise shared ideologies?

Do you ever wonder if we humans have more in common than we’d care to admit?

into the storm

Are you more excited than scared by the unknown?

Do you believe that constant change and new discoveries are a blessing, not a curse?

Then the open minds guild is for you!

more than one perspective

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More than two actually!

Jaelithe and Dan are very different individuals who bring widely varied insights into a number of subjects. But just two perspectives will not satisfy a truly open mind.

So The OMG Pod seeks out deeper discussion and further research, as well as welcoming the wisdom and observations of guest speakers from many different backgrounds.

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It wouldn’t be much of a guild with just two members, would it? So we really want you to get involved.

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We are constantly growing and changing, and we need your feedback to help guide us. What interests you?

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While we actively encourage positive and open-minded discussion, that doesn’t mean we can’t take a bit of constructive criticism. So be honest and share your ideas.

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